We connect brands

to audiences

Helping you advertise and engage consumers across multiple channels and platforms.

    • 94% of households with children use a digital device connected to internet

    • 84% of Travelers go online to plan their travel

    • 70% of U.S. adults seek health information online

    • 85% of consumers say that they read online reviews for local businesses

We connect brands

to audiences

Helping you advertise and engage consumers
across multiple channels and platforms.

    • 98% use the Internet for many services like email, travel, music, streaming video and dating sites

    • 60% of sports fans use the Internet to check scores and stats.



LCX Digital developed one of the first platforms to deliver data-driven online advertising for national brands and local companies.

50,000+ Publisher Sites.







We combine data with an advertising platform that reaches over 99% of Internet users. By combining advanced segmentation with tens of thousands of data points, we message the right individuals at the right time with the right messageā€¦. getting the best results.

Targeting Capabilities

100% accurate geo-targeting down to the ZIP + 4 level

(Radius, Zip Codes, or Metro Zones)

Household Demographics

(e.g. HH Income, Ethnicity, Age, etc.)

Website Vertical Content

(e.g. sports, news, business, etc.)


(Re-market to your website visitors)

Purchased Data

(Acxiom, BlueKai, comScore, Exelate, etc.)

Proprietary Audience Creation

(Moms, Health Conscious, Baby Boomers, Create Your Own)


We deliver custom, multiscreen display solutions featuring premium inventory, engaging creative, precise data targeting, and comprehensive reporting.


Top 10 Premium Comscore Network

Completely Customizable

We work with brands and agencies to create and execute best in class media plans that target the audience, contextually relevant sites, channels and performance you are looking for.

Unlimited Scale and Reach

We have established relationships with over 10,000+ comScore verified publishers creating a premium, on demand buying model that offers unlimited reach and competitive pricing.

Verified & Robust Campaign Measurement

We provide the meaningful data needed to evaluate campaign success including a full range of standard and custom metrics.


Our history and digital expertise uniquely position us to engage all audiences with solutions optimized for desktop, mobile, and social channels.


Comscore Video Platform



Monthly Unique Users and Counting

  • 5000+ Video Sites
  • 100% VAST/VPAID Compliant

Premier Placements for Content Impact

Top 15 comScore ranked video network of premium publishers. We provide direct access to leading sites, verticals, and channels across web, tablet, and mobile.

Cross Screen Measurement and Analytics

We provide comprehensive data to measure video success effectively with a full range of digital metrics.

Powerful Audience Targeting and Data

We develop a client specific distribution channel for every campaign and utilize best of breed datasets to precisely reach the right consumers with the right message.

Engaging Video Ad Unit Formats

We provide immersive experiences through highly responsive features including social sharing, dynamic navigation, live feeds, and custom integrations that increase engagement.


Our custom mobile campaigns allow advertisers to amplify their impact through responsive rich media creative, premium inventory, and precise targeting.


Mobile Audiences on Any Device

Our vast mobile publisher network spans across every DMA, offering access to the nation's top mobile inventory and exclusive access to local media properties nationwide.

Comprehensive Mobile Analytics

Our media management platform simplifies the mobile ad buying process, providing actionable insights and agency level intel based on realtime analytics, enabling advertisers to take full control of their mobile media spend across all campaigns.

Incredible Mobile Rich Media

Our mobile rich media platform is an industry leading HTML5 powered ad suite designed from the ground up to provide premium, high impact ads at scale by delivering responsive feature rich experiences designed for the highest level of interactivity.


LCX Digital creates highly customized and effective digital marketing campaigns for some of the nation's most respected agencies and brands.

We combine an innovative vision for digital media and an expertise in emerging technology to provide industry leading solutions that engage consumers across every screen and device.

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